Thursday, February 24, 2005

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I woke up last Monday morning with my dick in my wife's hand. It was something that she had not done in too many years. Memories of fantastic hand jobs at drive-in movies or in the school library when we were dating flooded my mind. I let a hand move to her big and boobies thighs, finding her pussy so hot that it burned my fingers. The lips of my wife's pussy fluttered as if nude mature asian women they were nibbling at my fingertips. Her clit was like a small cock, standing tall and squirming under the post thumbnail tit strokes of my fingertips.

We lay like that for a long time, stroking, gasping, and building up to puffy nipples need so urgent that by the time it hit, I had to roll tit models trailer her waiting body and fuck her pussy like a madman while she held her legs wide and met every thrust with an answering hump of her hips. When I came it hit so hard that I wondered if I would davidson tit blow job pass out. It was so good that I honestly didn't want to get out of bed or huge large extreme boobs to the office.

I was Big Tits Hardcore thirty minutes late to work, with the aroma of pussy still on my fingers. I guess my mind was still between my wife's thighs because as I passed my secretary's desk, she winked and gave me a knowing smile. She followed me into my office and handed me a steaming cup of coffee. My secretary is twenty, almost half my age, and she has a body that makes my mouth water. But that morning I was very satisfied and practically immune to her charms. I thought my morning roll in the hay was my abby boobs but I had forgotten one small item my fly was open. Unfortunately, my secretary spotted it before I did and she pointed at my crotch and clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth.

"If I had a shot at that, you'd be a lot more than thirty minutes late," she whispered as she stared at my open fly and let her tongue lopez free naked tit pictures circle her chimp tits

"You're used to those young guys. Us old men are only good for once a week," I joked as I reached down and grabbed the tab on my zipper. I said it to make her laugh but there was more than a hint of truth in the statement. It had been a while since I had sex more than once in a week and I was no longer sure if I was capable of more. Before I could close my fly, her hand touched mine.

"Don't," she said. "I have a little wager for you. Let me do big tits free pic gallery and if your dick stays soft, I'll buy lunch today. If it gets hard, you buy big boobs tight asses I let my hand fall to my side. I can't tell you how many times I've dreamed of what it would be like to touch her ripe, young body, nibble her firm tits, or maybe run a hand under her short skirts. But after having great sex with my wife less than an hour earlier, I was sure that it was a bet I'd win easily.

"Take your best shot," I said, confident that my nude or sex or naked or bobs or tits was about to win me a free lunch. Of course, I thought she'd stand there and zip my pants, but she skinney with large breasts me. She knelt in front of me and looked up with a big smile.

"I'm going to do it with my teeth. Is that okay?"

The position she was in gave me a clear view down the front of her blouse. She was not wearing a bra so I could see her milk-white mounds and the cut tit pointed nipples capping each one. I grunted my okay and licked my lips while I imagined that my tongue was tasting her soft, pink big jiggling boobies As soon as I gave her my okay, she nuzzled her face against my crotch and then she kissed the white lump that my growing dick was making in my shorts.

"I think I'll order a nice, thick steak," she drawings of huge tits as her fingers took over long enough to fish my dick from the tangle of underwear and let it jut proudly from the opening in my pants. It wasn't bone-hard yet but it was getting bigger by the second. She puckered her lips and blew a stream of warm breath across the head of my dick and I put my hands behind her head and guided her mouth to my waiting cock. By the time her tongue touched the head, the bet was lost.

"I love the taste of fresh pussy," she whispered. "Tell your wife I would love to naked big tit teachers free the real thing." There was no chance that I would nipple celebrity tell my wife any puffy nipples such thing, pictures of womens bib boobs hearing her say it made my dick puffy nipples against her wicked tongue.

"You win the bet," I said, thinking that if she stopped sucking my dick soon enough, hugh black tits could save a big tit girls gallery of embarrassment by not shooting off in her mouth so quickly.

She laughed and, since she was still small tit small nipple movies my dick, her laughter vibrated up the length of my stiff prick and made my whole body shake. I'd never been so close to shooting off without letting go. It Girls With Big Boobs was a pleasure like nothing I had ever imagined. It was like a long, long climax. My balls were throbbing, my knees were knocking, and my dick was sliding happily in and out of her hot mouth.

"I know a way you can pay off your bet without spending a dime," she said, taking her mouth off my cock just long enough to look up at me.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked. I was curious, but not because it might save me money. There was something in the sexy sound of her voice that told me I might love the answer.

"If you take care of this, we can call it even," she cooed as she lifted her skirt to reveal that she was naked underneath.

"Where are your panties?" I blurted out without thinking that she might tell me that it was none of my business.

"They're in my desk drawer were they usually are," she answered, reaching down titts lady spread the lips of her pussy for my horny eyes. I watched her tease the lips of her pussy for a few seconds and then, when her finger was nice and slick, I watched her use the juice to wet her swollen clit.

"I like to sit at my desk and play with my pussy," she whispered, her finger stroking the wet, erect tits lips of her pink slit. "I like to imagine that you know what I am doing and that you have your pants unzipped so you can jerk off while you watch me."

"Whoa. I didn't think you would ever think that," I said, letting my eyes drink in the sight of her fingers probing her tight cunt. I love to imagine that I am watching titts of women who like to take it up the ass woman masturbate while I jerk off.

"Taste me," she said, lifting her creamy fingers to my lips. "Do I girls breasts as good as your wife?"

I licked her fingers clean and sucked them between my lips. Her juice was hot and sweet. It tasted so different than my wife's, but I wanted to tease her a bit, telling her I needed another sample.

She gave me a naughty smile and took one of my hand in hers to place between her legs. I stroked the lips of her pussy for a few seconds and she sucked in her breath.

"Keep that up and I'll cream all over your fingers," she gasped as I let a finger slip into her tight, hot hole. "Oh yes. Like that. Fuck me with your fingers. Make me cum all over your hand."

As her excitement increased, I moved my fingers faster and harder until finally she arched her back, whimpering my name, melting all over my hand while her entire body shook with pleasure.

Afterwards, she leaned her ass against the edge of my desk while she caught her breath. I sat there with my hand slowly stroking my cock, watching big natural tits high heels lips of her pussy continue to quiver with pleasure.

"I like watching you do that," she purred. "I'd like to know that you were doing that while you sit at your desk watching me."

"I think that'll happen more often now," I replied, moving my fist a bit faster around my cock as she watched.

"If you do, will you promise to call me over when you're ready to cum?" she asked, her voice once again thick with desire. Her pussy was slippery wet and glistening and her her fingers were gently toying with her swollen clit as she watched me jerk off.

"I promise," I said. "I'd like to let you watch me cum."

"Watch, hell," she whispered, "I'm gonna want to kneel down and lick up every drop."

"Keep talking like that big boobs in bikni you're gonna get your wish sooner than you think," I grunted, trying like huge fuken boobs to hold back the flood of cream that was churning in my balls. puffy nipples

"Well, then let's give your dick a rest for a second. You can help me with this," she said as she put her hands behind my head and drew me forward until my tongue was sliding up and down between the lips tits nude adult her wet pussy.

"Eat me," she moaned, clawing my scalp with her nails while she hunched her hips. "Fuck me with your tongue. I wanna cum on your face."

It was the first time a woman had talked dirty to me during sex. wap tits titplazasexycity older a turn-on that made my balls ache terribly. I pushed my tongue in and out of her slippery cunt and nuzzled her clit with my nose while she creamed, screamed, and moaned with raw lust. When she could stand no more, she pushed my head back and leaned forward to kiss me, letting her tongue taste the fresh aguilera tits of pussy that coated my lips.

As she pulled away, she sexy boobs thumbnail down in front of me and started sucking my cock. Her fist circled the shaft of my prick and pumped it and squeezed. Her tongue fluttered over the sensitive head of my dick, sending chills up and down my spine.

"It's time to let me make you happy," she purred between long, slow sucks. "I want you to cum in my mouth." I was too close to climax to say a word, so I cupped her face in my hands and pushed girl hardcore nipples dick deep into her sucking mouth, watching her head bob up and down until my vision began to blur. That's when I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, blasting the back of her throat with a load that had her gulping furiously until my balls were totally drained and I sunk down into my chair. I thought I'd take her to lunch anyway, it seemed like an appropriate thank you.

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